About Ste.Anne
The RM of Ste. Anne is located approx 30 km SE of Winnipeg and covers 5 Townships...
A Little History
The RM of Ste. Anne is one of the earliest settled areas of Manitoba. The first settlers arrived in 1856...
How to Reach Us
395 Traverse Road
Box 6, Grp 50, RR 1
Ste. Anne, MB R5H 1R1




What's New


Road 43E between Road 38N and PR302
St. Raymonds Road from 43N, Southward for 1/2 mile.



To our Local Community Groups, please note that at the January 18, 2017 special meeting of Council, the following Resolution was passed:

Councillor Saindon
Councillor Reimer


WHEREAS 2017 is Canada's 150th birthday with many events occurring throughout Canada to celebrate the same;

AND WHEREAS the Municipality would like to support its local community groups by contributing to eligible events which are being held to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Municipality will accept applications from local community organizations until April 30, 2017 for grants up to a maximum of $3,000.00 each to be used towards specific Canada 150 Celebrations, to be released at Council’s discretion by Resolution and on the condition that the application includes a satisfactory detailed proposal and itemized budget for the event.


Applications for the 2016 Farmland School Tax Rebate and proof that property taxes along with any penalties and interest are paid in full must be received by Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation by the March 31, 2017 deadline. For additional information see www.masc.mb.ca/fstr or call 204-726-7068.

Manitoba housing is accepting applications from landlords to repair low-income housing units in Manitoba.

please click here for more information.

We wish to thank you all for your patience and cautious driving while we wait for the frost to get out of our roads so that we can get to maintaining them properly.  With the weather's cooperation, we are hoping that this will happen sooner rather than later!  In the meantime, use caution and reduce speeds accordingly.

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