The next general election is October 24th, 2018.

Advance Poll is  October 13, 2018. FROM 8:00am TO 8:00pm at the following locations:
WARDS 1/3/LUD held at the LUD of Richer Hall
WARDS 2/4/5/6 held at the Ste. Anne Municipality office.

If you are unable to attend the election in person and would like to vote by sealed envelope, please click here for the  form that you can submit to our Senior Election Official.


2018 Registered (confirmed) Electoral Candidates


Paul Saindon - 204-422-6755
Shirley Hiebert - 204-947-0122 or
Robert Desautels - 204-479-1063
Donald Morin -204-422-5216 


Sarah Normandeau - 204-392-6900 or
Renald Courcelles -204-422-8339


Ward 2:
Jake Reimer (Acclamtion)


Ward 3:
Brent Wery (Acclamation)


Ward 4:
Donald Perrin - 204-371-2585 or
Bradley Ingles - 204-793-0671
Fred Harder - 204-422-8652


Ward 5:
Patrick Stolwyk
Robert Sarrasin 204-791-7735


Ward 6: 
Randy Eros - 204-371-2959 or
Raymond Michaud - 204-371-6404


L.U. D of Richer:
John Lenton - 204-422-8496
Barbara Dutiaume
Norm Bremaud -204-371-9282
Sonya Wery -204-392-3511 or
Roger Godard - 204-422-9369 or 204-371-6475


*Nomination confirmed

Senior Election Official (SEO) Ernie Epp.

Assistant Senior Election Officials are:

  • Tiana Bohemier
  • Colette Nault-Martens



Municipal Elections Information 

Investing in your Municiaplity 

Notice of Registration of Prospective Candidate for the 2018 General Municipal Election 

Annual Public Notice - Additions to the Voters List



Registration is now open for all candidates in the October 24, 2018 general municipal election. 
All candidates must register with the Senior Elections Officer before being able to collect or spend funds on their campaign. 
Registration will close on September 18, 2018 at 4:30pm 


The Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne will not be enumerating for the 2018 General Election.
Eligible voters who are new property owners, renters, citizens or who turned 18 since 2014 need to register to be able to vote.
Prospective Candidates must also be on the voters list.
Contact the Municipal Office at 204-422-5929 to check if you're on the list and/or to register as a voter.




 Follow this page for more information regarding the 2018 Elections or contact our office at 204-422-5929.