395 Traverse Road
Box 6, Grp 50, RR 1
Ste. Anne, MB R5H 1R1

Telephone: (204) 422-5929
Fax: (204) 422-9723

Office Hours 
Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 

 For specific inquiries, the following Administrative Staff may be contacted:

CAO - Jennifer Gilmore
ACAO - Nadine Vielfaure
Development Officer - Irina Poplavski
Operations Manager - Kevin Medeiros
Executive Assistant - Tiana Bohemier
Administrative Assistant - Colette Martens


RM of Ste. Anne Council

Paul Saindon  
W1 - Sarah Normandeau  
W2 - Jake A. Reimer  
W3 - Brent Wery  
W4 - Brad Ingles  
W5 - Robert Sarrasin  
W6 - Randy Eros  
LUD Committee Members:
Roger Godard  
John Lenton  
Norm Bremaud  
Brent Wery  
Animal Control Officer:  1-204-223-5521
Richer Fire Department  
lf you have any questions for the Richer Fire Department such as burn bans or burn permits etc. please contact them directly   204-422-5966


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