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Mill & Tax Rates 

2024 Mill Rate Information


Schedule of Rates for 2024
Seine River School
Division No. 14
Hanover School
Division No. 15
Farm & Residential    
Special Levy Only 12.67 mills 12.74 mills 
Education Support Levy 8.128 mills 8.128 mills
Special Levy 12.67 mills
12.74 mills

20.798 mills

20.868 mills
General Municipality Levies  Rural  L.U.D of Richer
General, at large 4.368 mills 4.368 mills
Rural 4.370 mills ---
L.U.D. of Richer --- 8.012 mills
Public Works Shop Debenture 0.199 mills 0.199 mills
Green Initiative Reserve 0.013 mills 0.013 mills
Machinery Replacement Reserve 0.460 mills ---
Fire Equipment Reserve 0.158 mills 0.158 mills
Economic Development  Reserve 0.025 mills 0.025 mills
Disaster Management Reserve 0.013 mills 0.013 mills
Recreation & Culture Reserve 0.025 mills 0.025 mills
 9.631 mills
12.813 mills + $117.67 (garbage collection)

School Taxes

Approximately 58.1% of 2024 property taxes are for school taxes over which the Municipality has no control.  Any inquiries regarding school taxes should be directed to your School Trustee.  Please call the School Division Offices for your local School Trustee's name and number:

Seine River School Division   Hanover School Divison  
Division Office: 204-878-4713    Division Office: 204-326-6471



Before 4:30 pm on October 15th, 2024


A 1% penalty is applied to any overdue taxes on the first day of each month, compounded annually, until paid in full. 

Amount of arrears shown on your tax statement includes penalties to May 31, 2024  Please call the office to get adjusted amounts with penalties if your bill includes overdue tax amounts.


TAX SALE:  Properties with more than 2 years of outstanding taxes owing may be sold through the tax sale process.  Special instructions will be given to affected property owners.


AFTER HOURS: payments by cheque (include bottom portion of your tax statement along with Roll# in the memo field on cheque) can be deposited through the drop-off slot at the back entrance door to the east of the building.


AUTOMATIC MONTHLY PROGRAM (CAFT): We offer a monthly automatic withdrawal payment service.  For details on this program, please contact our office.


Should payment(s) be sent in the mail or made through online banking, your payment will be considered LATE if your payment arrives after Oct. 15, 2024.  Send your payment early as we do accept post-dated cheques.  We are now accepting credit card payments.  Please click here for more details

We now accept e-transfer payments sent to Please put your Roll Number and/or Civic Address in the notes/memo field when sending payment via e-transfer.


FOR ALL PAYMENTS: Please ensure payments are sent to the RM of Ste. Anne and not the Town of Ste. Anne.


All payments must be made in Canadian Dollars


For any questions regarding your property taxes or method of payment, please contact the Municipal Office at 204-422-5929 or