Mill & Tax Rates

2020 Mill Rate Information


Schedule of Rates for 2020
Seine River School
Division No. 14
Hanover School
Division No. 15
Farm & Residential    
Special Levy Only 14.24 mills 14.65 mills
Education Support Levy 8.83 mills 9.78 mills
Special Levy 14.24 mills
14.65 mills

23.07 mills

23.48 mills
General Municipality Levies  Rural  L.U.D of Richer
Office Debenture BL No. 6-2012   0.19 mills 0.19 mills
General, at large 0.48 mills 0.48 mills
Rural 6.91 mills ---
L.U.D. of Richer --- 6.51 mills
Fire Equipment Reserve0 0.18 mills 0.18 mills
Machinery Reserve 0.23 mills ---
Waste Management Reserve 0.22 mills  0.22 mills 
L.U.D Debenture --- 2.52 mills
General Reserve 0.31 mills .0.31 mills
 8.52 mills
10.41 mills + $82.67 (garbage collection)

2020 property taxes are due and payable by 4:30 pm on October 30th, 2020, and must be received on or before this date with no exceptions.  A penalty of 1% compounded annually will be added to any outstanding taxes on the first day of each month until paid in full.  Amount of arrears shown on your tax statement includes penalties to May 31, 2020.  Properties with more than 2 years of taxes owing may be sold through the tax sale process so please ensure that you pay your taxes by the annual due date.

When sending payment by mail, please enclose the bottom portion of your tax statement.  Cheques must be made payable to the "RM of Ste. Anne".  Interac, cash and online payments can be made if you bank with Scotiabank, TD or any Credit Union. No Credit Card payments.  We also offer a monthly automatic withdrawal payment service (C.A.F.T), please contact the Municipal Office for more information.  After hours payments can be deposited through the drop-off box in the staff entrance door to the east of the building.

School Taxes

Approximately 46% of 2020 property taxes are for school taxes over which the Municipality has no control.  Any inquiries regarding school taxes should be directed to your School Trustee.  Please call the School Division Offices for your local School Trustee's name and number:

Seine River School Division   Hanover School Divison  
Division Office: 204-878-4713    Division Office: 204-326-6471