RM of Ste. Anne By-Laws & Policies

The following are the By-Laws currently in place in our municipality. Click on a specific By-Law in order to get further information.


Aggregate Fees By-Law NO. 11-2023  
Animal Abandonment By-Law  NO. 23-2023  
Animal Control By-Law NO. 07-2022  
Building By-Law NO. 09-2017  
Campaign Expenses NO. 03-2018  
Capital Lot Levy By-Law NO. 06-2024  
Council Code of Conduct NO. 13-2020  
Development Plan By-Law NO. 05-2020  
Fees And Charges By-Law NO. 21-2023  
Fire By-Law NO. 16-2023  
General Enforcement By-Law NO. 06-2022  
Indemnity By-law NO. 22-2023  
LUD of Richer Curbside Garbage Removal Special Service Levy By-Law NO. 15-2023  
LUD of Richer Special Services By-Law NO. 15-2023 DRAFT  
No Truck Route NO. 09-2024 Signed DOC Searchable DOC
Noise By-Law NO. 02-2023  
Nuisances, Derelict Abandoned, Unsightly properties NO. 04-2010  
Obstruction of Municipal Land NO. 17-2023  
Organizational By-Law NO. 08-2023  
Procedures By-Law NO. 19-2023  
Solid Waste By-Law NO. 03-2013  
Speed Limit and School Zone By-Law NO. 18-2023  
Tax Levy By-Law and Financial Plan  NO. 08-2024  
Use of Municipal Resources in Elections NO. 02-2022  
Zoning By-Law NO. 13-2023  
- Map 1 of Zoning By-Law (Ste. Anne) MAPS  
- Map 2 of Zoning By-Law (Richer) MAPS  



By-law Enforcement Policy #14 - ADMIN  
Commercial Recycling Program Policy #18 - ADMIN  
Complaint Form Policy #14 - ADMIN  
Dust Control Policy Policy #11 - ADMIN  
Dust Control Application Form Policy #11 - ADMIN  
Grants Policy Policy #08 - ADMIN  
LUD Grass Control Policy Res # 2024-182 Searchable DOC
Municipal Service Standards Res #2023-487  
Public Works - Private Works Policy #03 - PW  
Provision of Land, Cash or a Combination Policy #03 - ADMIN