About the RM of Ste. Anne


The Mission Statement of the Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne is:

The Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne’s mission is to provide an environment for safe, affordable, diverse lifestyles, while ensuring sustainability for future generations.

The Vision Statement of the Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne

The Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne puts its people first by providing an inclusive, thriving, and sustainable community committed to maintaining harmony between agricultural, residential, and natural spaces while fostering further opportunities for growth.




The RM of Ste. Anne has a population of 5,584, based on the 2021 Census, with 607 of these being within the Local Urban District of Richer.

Located long the TransCanada just an hour from the Provincial capital city of Winnipeg, the RM of Ste. Anne also benefits from other provincial highways such as PTH 12, PR 302, PR 207 and PR 210, providing easy access to our communities.

With agriculture being one of our main economic drivers, tourism is a close second. The municipality has several privately owned scenic and enjoyable public golf courses; Oakwood (18 holes), Ridgewood/Girouxsalem (9holes) and Quarry Oaks (27 holes). Seasonal camping is very popular in the well-treed eastern part of the municipality with five privately owned campgrounds: Lilac Resort, Wild Oaks, Rock Garden, Ridgewood and Cherry Hill. Other recreational opportunities exist within the Municipality that can be explored during all seasons.  Additionally, between the abundant Crown Land forests, walking paths, municipal and community parks, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy within the RM of Ste. Anne!