Local Notices

Pushing Snow on roadways

This is Friendly Reminder that pushing snow across public roads is not allowed in the RM of Ste. Anne as it creates hazards to motorists and municipal equipment.

Any property identified as having pushed snow from private lands onto the Municipal Road Allowance, could result in Municipal By-Law Enforcement Officers to issue a One-time written warning with subsequent fines being issued including costs of grader repair if necessary.

Congratulations to all of the LUD of Richer Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of the LUD of Richer Contest Winners and thanks to the whole community for lighting up our town!!! Prizes will be distributed to the winners in the coming days/weeks. A Great Big THANK YOU to our local businesses who sponsored this event by contributing to the $1,575 in prizes awarded this year!! Click here for the winners.

Meeting Link - December 15 2021


Lagoon Expansion Construction Footage


News Release on Silica Sand Advisory Committee

The RM of Ste. Anne is proud to partner with these 6 other Municipalities, spearheaded by the RM of Tache, to study possible impacts from silica sand mining operations with the intent to determine possible mitigation measures that can then be enacted by municipal regulations and by-laws in order to ensure an appropriate, safe and sustainable use of our lands. Click Here to see the full News Release on Municipal Silica Sand Advisory Committee

Council Meetings

We wish to remind everyone that due to the ongoing pandemic, the RM of Ste. Anne and LUD of Richer meetings continue to be physically closed to the public. Council meetings are being live-streamed and recorded for public viewing via www.rmofsteanne.com. Those who wish to participate in any of these meetings may contact the RM Office at 204-422-5929 or acao@rmofsteanne.com to discuss participation options.

Lagoon Drone Footage

On July 2 2021, drone footage was taken of the Lagoon Expansion here in the RM of Ste. Anne.

July 25th drone footage was taken of the Lagoon here in the RM of Ste. Anne.

Final drone footage taken of the completion of the Lagoon Expansion in the RM of Ste. Anne

RM's Animal Rules & Regulations

Are you aware of the rules & regulations for owning a dog in the RM of Ste Anne, click here for more information.

Emergency Family Plan

Below is the Family 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Guide:

One page guide on how to use the 72 Hour plan;

The 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Plan

Annual Public Notice

Annual Public Notice
Additions to the Voter List and/or Personal Security Protection Requests.
click here for more information

Rebates for RM Residents

Residents of Ste. Anne Municipality have access to:

-  A $35 rebate for learn to swim lessons per level per child (up to age 14) per year.

-  A free membership to the Ste. Anne Library OR a $60 annual rebate for a Jake Epp Library Membership.

Manitoba Hydro

Do you have a street light that is out, Flickering etc.. click here to be taken to the Manitoba Hydro website to prepare your report.

Reporting Animal Abuse

If you see animal abuse or neglect, please report it to Manitoba’s Animal Care Line.

If you witness an animal that is:
• lacking adequate food or water
• being exposed to extreme cold or heat
• wounded or ill and not receiving suitable medical attention
• confined in a space that is too small for the size of the animal
• kept in unsanitary conditions
• confined in an area without adequate ventilation or lighting
• seriously injured, suffering or in extreme anxiety or distress
• abandoned
Contact the Manitoba government’s Animal Care Line at:
• 204-945-8000 or toll free in Manitoba at 1-888-945-8001
• animalcare@gov.mb.ca

In Winnipeg, you can also report concerns to the Winnipeg Humane Society
Animal Cruelty Line at 204-982-2028

Your confidentiality is protected.

All reports of animal abuse or neglect are confidential. The Freedom of Information
and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) protects your personal information. If you are a witness, you
may be requested to testify in court.

If you see animal abuse or neglect, report it immediately!


Clean Farm & Fertilizer Recycling Program

The RM of Ste. Anne is proud to participate in the Cleanfarms.ca Pesticide and Fertilizer Container Recycling Program. Farmers can drop off the containers in the fenced compound for this purpose at the Municipal Shop Yard (35042 PR 210). For more information please click here.