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The RM of Ste. Anne is located approx 30 km SE of Winnipeg and covers 5 Townships...
A Little History
The RM of Ste. Anne is one of the earliest settled areas of Manitoba. The first settlers arrived in 1856...
How to Reach Us
395 Traverse Road
Box 6, Grp 50, RR 1
Ste. Anne, MB R5H 1R1

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2020 property taxes are due October 30th in the RM of Ste. Anne. Statements have now all been mailed. If you do not receive your bill by August 15th, 2020, please contact our office to confirm your mailing address at 204-422-5929 or admin@rmofsteanne.com.





Recycling Program Changes:

As of October 1st, 2020, the RM of Ste. Anne`s recycling program will consist of 3 sites with drop-off sheds in the RM where residents are encouraged to bring their recyclable materials at any time. There will be no more Saturday pick-ups after September 26th.

This is being done in an effort to balance the effectiveness and accessibility of this program along with our Climate Change Local Action Plan efforts.


Contract Opportunity:

The Local Urban District of Richer is seeking quotes for the Fall 2020 to Summer 2023 Sidewalk Snow Clearing Contract.  Please note that snow blowing equipment is preferred.  Please see the linked document for more information.  Submissions must be received by 4 pm, September 30, 2020 and can be emailed to acao@rmofsteanne.com or dropped off at the RM Office.


Starting June 24, 2020 the LUD of Richer Committee Meetings will  once again be open to the public.

Due to the 2m physical distancing requirements, we are asking anyone who is planning on attending any meeting to please pre-register by calling 204-422-5929 or by email at acao@rmofsteanne.com by 4:00pm the day prior to the meeting being held in order of us to be able to make the necessary arrangements to keep all those in attendance safe during this pandemic.


Animal Control

Are you aware of the rules & regulations for owning a dog in the RM of Ste Anne, click here for more information.

What's New



The Volunteer Fire Chief brings strategic and operational leadership and management to the Richer Fire Department ensuring that the Department meets all requirements in quality service provision, responsiveness and cost-efficiency.  The Volunteer Fire Chief reports directly to the Chief Administrative Officer for Department operations and administration.


Volunteer Fire Chief Responsibilities:

  • Leadership, management and administration of entire Richer Fire Department, including supervision of all volunteer firefighters, buildings, property and equipment
  • Preparation and submission of all required reports, including an annual report of estimated revenue and expenditures for the entire department’s operations and a complete inventory of the department’s assets
  • Assisting with development and implementation of all fire department-related policies and procedures
  • Ensuring compliance with all fire suppression and prevention by-laws and legislation
  • Communication liaison with Municipal administration, fire departments where an inter-municipal fire services agreement exists, the Office of the Fire Commissioner and any other relevant department
  • Taking proper measures to provide for the combating, extinguishing and preventing of fires and saving life and property during responses
  • Oversee public education and awareness programs
  • Participation in various programs, training and meetings
  • Independent judgement and action in emergency situations
  • Other related duties as assigned


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Legal entitlement to work in Canada (proof of citizenship or other documentation if applicable)
  • Successful completion of an approved Firefighter Training program resulting in Level I or II Certification
  • 10 years’ experience as a Volunteer Firefighter, as well as a supervisory position
  • Class 4 and Air Driver’s License
  • First Aid and CPR Certificates
  • Medical & Physical Report
  • Criminal Background & Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Other as required


Those interested in becoming a Volunteer Fire Chief with the Richer Fire Department must submit their resume, three work related references and an application form available from the Municipal office by November 6, 2020 to:


c/o CAO Jennifer Gilmore                                     
395 Traverse Road
Box 6 Grp 50 RR 1
Ste. Anne, MB R5H 1R1
Email: cao@rmofsteanne.com
Fax: 204-422-9723


The RM of Ste. Anne wishes to thank all candidates for their interest, but only those considered for an interview will be contacted.

The department of Manitoba Assessment Services has made the 2021 Assessment Roll available. To view yours, please email admin@rmofsteanne.com with your name and property description or Roll Number. This is every property owner's opportunity to verify your 2021 assessment from which the 2021 property taxes will be calculated. Should you have any issues with your assessed value, taxation class (ex: Farm, Residential, Other), or liability to taxation (ex: Taxable, Exempt), this is your opportunity to appeal. The deadline to submit your appeal is Monday, October 19, 2020 at 4 pm. Click here for more details.

Ste. Anne Municipality follows Provincial Road Restrictions.  When these are in place, the Municipality’s roads are also posted at 65% weight restrictions.  Violations will be enforced.

The RM of Ste. Anne is looking for a community minded High School Student to become our Youth Council Member. This individual will participate in debates and have the opportunity to raise and discuss matters of importance with the elected officials who help shape our community. If you or someone you know is interested in learning and participating in local politics, please click here for more information and contact our office.

Residents of Ste. Anne Municipality have access to:

-  A $35 rebate for learn to swim lessons per level per child (up to age 14) per year.

-  A free membership to the Ste. Anne Library OR a $60 annual rebate for a Jake Epp Library Membership.

RM of Ste Anne Alert

Want to stay up to date with all the latest news, upcoming events, emergency alert messages from Canada's national emergency alerting system (Alert Ready), and weather for the Ste.Anne Municipality.